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I was born in Watertown, Wisconsin on January 4, 1954, the son of Francis Langer, a Wisconsin dairy-farmer and Gertrud Hofmann, a Swiss immigrant schoolteacher.  I have long been a lover of history and since you are reading this site, I know you are too.

I am currently the Vice President of both the Friends of the Max Kade Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and of the Island Church Foundation, Inc. (ICF). The ICF is dedicated to the preservation of St. Wenceslaus Church in rural Waterloo, Wisconsin.

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  1. I am a great-great granddaughter of Francis Langer and Barbara Janisch Langer. They had are descendants of Matyas Langer Anna Marie Janisch as well…I have Pitterle, Soberle, and Krueizger and more in my lineage. I am forever grateful for the Obit you gave me from Donald Langer as it turned out to be my Great-great-great grandmother Barbara Langer Nee Janisch. I would love to show you my DNA match also with the Roffeis Connection Rosealia Langer Roffeis…a grandmother to Magdalene Maynard. What a small world…I have proven my connection to the obit you gave me beyond a doubt. You are on my linage as far back to Matyas Langer. I have the linage back that far if you do not. Willing to share.

  2. I just finished reading your article entitled “Landskroner Emigration to the American Midwset.” It was very informative.

    I am trying to locate the village or parish that Adalbert Steiner (1815-1906) and his family originated from in Bohemia. They left from Bremen and arrived in New York in August1856. I am wondering if in your research, you have come upon their name. They lived in Charlesburg, Calumet County, by 1860 (U.S. Census). From your article I am now wondering if they came through Watertown before making their way to Charlesburg.

    Your article references passports. Did Bohemians leaving need passports to exit their county? If so, I am curious about where I may find the reocrds.

    I appreciated any suggestions you may have.

    Joan Naomi Steiner

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