Klecker history

In early 1853, Vincenz Klecker (January 22, 1831 – November 13, 1877) and his future wife, Theresia Meitner (26 March 1832 – April 14, 1919), began a voyage that would markedly change their lives and the lives of their descendants. They had decided to leave Europe and travel to a new home in the New World. They would leave the comfort of their homes in Ober Johnsdorf, Bohemia in the Austrian Empire and travel to Watertown, Wisconsin in the United States of America.

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Landskron/ Lanškroun Tour – Fall, 2017

Landskron/ Lanškroun Tour

Fall, 2017


If you would like to join the tour group, please contact me at edlanger@att.net or (262) 966-2117.

Thursday, September 7

Travel day from Prague to Landskron

Orientation meeting in the evening, hopefully with the presentation of my PowerPoint presentation on the emigration to America

Friday, September 8

Mariánská hora / Maria Zell 





Look-out Tower - Horní Čermná   (The tower allows beautiful views of the nearby peaks of Svitavské highlands, Zábřežské highlands but also distant peaks of the Orlické (Eagle) Mountains. The visitors can further see especially immediate surroundings, including the township of Horní Čermná.)






Letohrad museum and lunch stop

Hertersdorf/(Horní Houžovec -- visit ancestral home of the Blaschkas and visit the chapel


Liechtenstein Palace ruin/Novy Zamek – with a tavern inside



Saturday, September 9

Kopa Festival all day

Morning – devoted to ancestral sites connecting with my Langer family with option of going to the Kopa instead

Ober Johnsdorf/Horní Třešnovec - Visit Langer and Scheberle ancestral homes; point out other Watertown connected homes like Kreuziger, Klecker, Zeiner, Meitner

Dittersbach - visit church and Schmied ancestral home

 Čermná – visit church


Afternoon – devoted to ancestral sites connected with other families on the tour with the option of going to the Kopa instead.

Rudelsdorf/Rudoltice – home village of many Waterloo settlers

Thomigsdorf/Damníkov – Gritzbauch village

  Olbersdorf/Albrechtice – Roffeis village



Sunday, September 10 - Mass at Saint Wenceslaus Church