Island Church museum project

I am the Vice-President of the Island Church Foundation, Inc. (ICF).  The ICF is dedicated to the preservation of St. Wenceslaus Church in rural Waterloo, Wisconsin.  We are currently working on a museum exhibit on the history of the church and its founders.  Below are the preliminary plans.   If  you would  like to help in any way, please get a hold of me.


Island Church Foundation, Inc. (ICF)
Waterloo, Wisconsin
Museum Exhibition
Preliminary Plans
September 2015

Theme 1: Place of origin: Landskron/ Lanškroun, Bohemia, Austrian Empire
Potential exhibits:
Maps to show location of Landskron/ Lanškroun and the villages in the district
Photo of Lanšperk/Landsberg Castle ruin (Castle built in the 1200s)
Photo of Landskron/ Lanškroun city hall
Photo of St. Wenceslaus Church in Landskron/ Lanškroun
Photos of villages with Waterloo, Wisconsin connection (Perhaps Čermná/Böhmisch Rothwasser, a Czech village and Rudelsdorf/Rudoltice, a German village)
Theme 2: Emigration – The Push Factors
Potential exhibits:
“Robot” proclamation (to show feudalism)
Photo of a “cottage” from a Waterloo connected village in Landskron/ Lanškroun (To show overpopulation)
Photo of large family or census records (to show not enough land for children)
Cadastral map of a village in the district of Landskron/ Lanškroun
Battle scene, Comorn, Hungary, 11 July 1849 by Albrecht Adam (to discuss war and the draft; story of Ignatz Jahna)
Theme 3: Emigration – The Pull Factors
Potential exhibits:
Bishop John Martin Henni of Milwaukee (to show freedom of religion)
A farm deed (to show cheap land)
Wisconsin Voting statute or a poll list (to show political rights)
Plat book (to show unsold land)
Theme 4: The trip to America
Potential exhibits:
Maps showing rail lines in Germany, shipping lines to America, and rail lines in America.
Letter by Wenzl Wurst in Waterloo, Waterloo to his future brother-in-law, Wenzel Langer
Austrian Passport of Wenzel Langer
Shipping documents
St. Henry’s (Watertown, Wisconsin) record of marriage of Wenzel Langer to Amelia Wurst
Theme 5: The history of the Island in the Township of Waterloo, Wisconsin
Potential exhibits:
Plat map showing the marshes and the dry land in the Township of Waterloo, Wisconsin – the Island
Photos of school, slaughterhouse, town hall, cheese factory, dance hall and farms.
3-D model of the Island
Theme 6: The history of St. Wenceslaus and the Island Church Foundation, Inc.
Potential exhibits:
Map showing location of other churches in the area
Deed by Christel to Catholic Church
Photos of church repair showing log parts
Interior photos of the church
Rebirth in 1974 – David Blaska wedding photos
Photo of the original ICF group
Deed of the church to the ICF
Photos of two other Wisconsin churches with ties to Landskron/ Lanškroun – Cherma and Lost Creek in Pierce County