Franz Scheberle History

Franz and Rosalie Schmeiser Scheberle1


Franz Scheberle was born February 2,1831 in Ober Johnsdorf 67, Kingdom of Bohemia, Austrian Empire.  He is the eldest son of Franz Scheberle of Ober Johnsdorf  67 and Theresia Schmeiser of Ober Johnsdorf 102.  His godfather was Anton Pitterle.


The elder Franz is listed in the records as a Häusler (cottager) which means he owns a house with a very small amount of land - not much more than a large garden.


On November 22, 1852, Franz married Rosalie Schmeiser, born March 31, 1829,  the daughter of Franz Schmeiser of Nieder Johnsdorf  56 and Anna Marie Langer of Nieder Johnsdorf 95.


Although Franz was the eldest son, he did not take over the family property.  Rather, it was taken over by the second oldest son, Johann.  Franz and his family moved to Ober Johnsdorf 109, which, ironically, was the home of Johann Pitterle and family prior to their emigration to America in 1854.


The Scheberles emigrated to the Watertown, Wisconsin area in 1864 with their children Anna, born 1852 (married Edward Kunz), Rosalie, born 1854 (married Ferdinand Pitterle), Franz, born 1856, Victoria (Dora) born 1857 (married Michael Arndorfer), Franz Josef, born 1862 (married Louise S.), and Josef, born 1863 (married Sophia V.). Family lore was that they left because of the frequent wars fought by the Austrian Empire and the resultant military draft.  At the time they left, Austria was engaged in a war against Denmark.  (The Second Schleswig War.) They entered the port of Baltimore in September 1864 on the Norma.  Also onboard the Norma, were Franz and Rosalie Motl and their son Franz.  The Norma had left from the port of Bremen in modern-day Germany.


They bought a 55-acre farm in Section 13 of Shields Township, Dodge County, Wisconsin, just outside the village of Richwood.  They bought a farm adjacent to Johann Roller of Ober Johnsdorf, who had arrived in America in 1854. After the Scheberles arrived in America, they had the following additional children: John born 1866, Emil, born 1868 (married Emma Schliem), Mary, born 1869 (married Frank Sheblak) and Amelia born 1872 (married William Burke).


In 1878, Anna and her husband Edward Kunz moved to Wesley, Iowa paying $5.50 and acre for the land.  Victoria (Dora) and her husband followed them to Iowa.


Franz was naturalized in 1879.


Franz died on Sunday, January 4, 1882, in a Arunaway accident@ per the Watertown Gazette.  Since this is a Sunday in winter, it is unlikely that Franz would have been using the horse in farm operations. It is likely the accident was connected with going to Sunday Mass in Richwood, which was less than a is a mile away.   He was buried in St. Henry=s cemetery in Watertown, Wisconsin. The family farm was taken over by his son Johann.




Rosalie started dating another Ober Johnsdorf native, Johann Pitterle, shortly after Johann=s wife Johanna died on November 26, 1888.  In addition to knowing each other in the old country, the Scheberle and Pitterle families were also connected by marriage since Rosalie=s daughter, also named Rosalie, had married Johann=s son Ferdinand in October 5, 1875.  Rosalie Scheberle married Johann Pitterle at St. Henry= Church in Watertown, Wisconsin on November 21, 1889.  Sadly, the marriage fell apart and Rosalie moved to Wesley, Iowa to live with the Kunzes.  At some point, Johann Pitterle moved in with his son Ferdinand and his wife Rosalie who was both his daughter-in-law and his step-daughter and lived with them until his death in 1906?.   


Rosalie died July 1, 1904 and is buried in Wesley, Iowa.  




On the following pages are found the following items:


1) Photograph of Franz and Rosalie Schmeiser Scheberle;


2) Photograph of Johann Pitterle and his second wife, Rosalie Schmeiser Scheberle Pitterle; 


3) A listing of Scheberle cousins put together by Arthur Scheberle during the 1970s; and


4) Edward Langer in front of the Scheberle ancestral home - Ober Johnsdorf 67 in 2014.