Wenzel and Rosalie Steiner Schoeberle

Wenzel and Rosalie Steiner Schoeberle1


Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. was born March 24, 1822 at Ober Johnsdorf 45, Kingdom of Bohemia, Empire of Austria.  He was the son of Wenzel Schoeberle, Sr. and Theresia Meitner. He was the second of 12 children.


Wenzel, Sr. is listed in the records as a Häusler (cottager) which means he owned a house with a very small amount of land - not much more than a large garden.


Rosalie Steiner was born April 10, 1824 at Ober Johnsdorf 100, the daughter of Anton Steiner and Rosalie Peichl.


In 1853, about 100 inhabitants of the Landskron area emigrated to southern Wisconsin onboard the Oldenburg.  That ship traveled from Bremen to New York and arrived in America on June 17, 1853.  There were two families from Ober Johnsdorf who settled in the Watertown, Wisconsin area: the Johann Meitner family and the Johann Schoeberle family. Two single young men also settled near Watertown: Franz Schoeberle and Vincenz Klecker.  Franz and Johann Schoeberle are children of Wenzel Schoeberle, Sr. and Theresia Meitner.  Johann Meitner is Theresia Meitner Schoeberle’s brother.  The Franz Langer family of Rudelsdorf was also onboard and they settled near Watertown as well.  There were also a number of other families from other villages in the District of Landskron that settled near Waterloo, Wisconsin.           


Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. and Rosalie Steiner married on February 13, 1855 in Ober Johnsdorf. Shortly thereafter, Wenzel Schoeberle, Sr. his wife and daughters Johanna (born 1834), Barbara (born 1839) and Amalia (born 1843) left for America.  They traveled on the Bremerhaven and arrived in America on May 31, 1855.  Also onboard this ship were the Motl, Popp and Richter families.  Wenzel, Jr. took over Ober Johnsdorf 45.


Wenzel Schoeberle, Sr. died on January 27, 1865 and is buried in St.  Henry’s Cemetery, Watertown, Wisconsin.


In the spring of 1872 Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. and his wife Rosalie emigrated to America.  They took the Deutschland from Bremen to New York and arrived in America on May 13, 1872.  Traveling with them were their children, Theresia (born 1855), Wenzel (born 1857), Maria (born 1859), Anna (born 1868) and Rosalie (born 1871). (They had lost sons Josef and Johann in infancy.) Also onboard this ship were Bernhard Klecker, whose brother Vincenz had emigrated to Watertown, WI in 1853, and Johann Kreuziger who joined his uncles in Watertown.


When he arrived in Watertown, Wenzel, Jr. would have been met by his mother and siblings.  He did not have much time to rekindle his relation with his mother because she died on August 19, 1873 and is buried in St. Henry’s Catholic Cemetery in Watertown, Wisconsin.

A few weeks later, Wenzel, Jr. and Rosalie’s daughter Theresa married Vincenz Pitterle.  In 1878 her brother, the 3rd, married Vincenz’ sister, Johanna.


On May 4, 1875, Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. married Petronella Homulka at Saint Henry’s Catholic Church in Watertown, Wisconsin.


Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. died June 18, 1900 and is buried in St Henry’s Cemetery in Watertown, Wisconsin.


  • The actual name is Schöberle.  Since the English alphabet does include the letter ö, oe is used in place of the ö.



The actual name is Schöberle.  Since the English alphabet does include the letter ö, oe is used in place of the ö.