Landskron history timeline

Significant events in the history of Landskron/Lanškroun

Ca 1250  Lanšperk/Landsberg built, Landskron/Lanškroun founded and colonization begins

1415  Czech Church Reformer Jan Hus burned at the stake despite safe-conduct pass

1419   First defenestration of Prague – Hussite wars

1526   Habsburgs assume Bohemian throne

1618  Second defenestration of Prague – 30 Years War 

1848  Revolutions in Europe – end of feudalism in Austrian Empire

1851  Emigration of poor Czech Protestants from Čermná to Texas

1852  Emigration of poor German Catholics to Waterloo, Wisconsin

1853  Kleckers and Meitners emigrate to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree chart 3)

1853  Stanglers emigrate to Chicago (Pedigree chart 2)

1854  Pitterles emigrate to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree charts 1, 2, 4 and 5)

1854  Ertls emigrate to America (Pedigree chart 2)

1855  Wenzel Schoeberle, Sr. emigrates to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree chart 4)

1859  Austro-Sardinian War

1864  Second Schleswig War  Austrian troops fight Danish troops

1864  Franz Scheberle to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree chart 1)

1866Austro-Prussian War.  Decisive battle fought at Sadowa (Königgrätz) about 50 miles from town of Landskron.  Prussia occupies Bohemia, including Lanškroun/Landskron district, for 4 months. Prussians confiscate grain of Johann Langer.

1866  Brusenbachs (Pedigree ch. 3) and Roffeises (Pedigree ch. 5) emigrate to Watertown, WI

1867  Langers emigrate to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree charts 1, 2 and 3)

1868  Vincenz Kreuziger emigrates to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree charts 2 and 5)

1871   Tobacco factory opens in Lanškroun/ Landskron

1872Wenzel Schoeberle, Jr. and Bernhardt Klecker emigrate to Watertown, Wisconsin (Pedigree charts 4 and 6)

1882Frantisek Jansa and Ludmilla Jansa emigrate to America (Pedigree chart 6)

Ca 1890  End of large scale emigration to America

1914  World War I begins

1918  World War I ends and, independent Czechoslovakia created

1938  Munich conference cedes border areas of Czechoslovakia to Germany

1939  World War II begins

1945  World War II ends in Europe on May 8

1945People’s Courts in Landskron/Lanškroun try and execute dozens; start of removal/expulsion of Germans

Aug. 2, 1945Benes Decree strips Germans of citizenship and property. 

Aug. 3, 1945Potsdam Conference of the U.S., U.S.S.R. and the United Kingdom authorizes the “humane” transfer of German population from Czechoslovakia and other eastern European lands

1948Third defenestration of Prague – Communists take over Czechoslovakia and farm collectivization begins

1989  End of Communist rule in Czechoslovakia: farm property de-collectivized

1991  Velvet divorce of Czech Republic and Slovakia