1989 – present

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Mary Selle is an animal lover who wanted a larger barn for her horses. She had no intent of farming the land. So when the Langer farm went on the market she gladly bought. She paid $$$$ for it. Before she bought she required the installation of a mound septic system to replace the old system which was a tile down to a drainage field in the southwest woods.

Years of semi-neglect had taken its toll on the farm buildings. The house was in need of repair and Mary quickly went to work repairing the house. She sand-blasted the exterior to remove the paint. She installed new windows. She remodeled the 1900 addition and turned the two bedrooms into one large bedroom. During remodeling they discovered that the second floor had settled a great extent and the floor needed to be completely rebuilt.

She removed the tractor shed and the west shed to allow a view of the pond and woods and also to prevent the need to maintain buildings she had no use for.

She rented land to her neighbor, Harvey Haase, and Aunt Nellie’s Canning Company. Some land has been put in a conservancy. She planted a lot of trees.

In 1999 she repaired the dairy barn and the smoke house. She discovered shake shingles under the asphalt shingles.


Steven J. Vacek, M.D. is an OB-Gyn who was practicing in Waukesha Wisconsin and living in Dousman Wisconsin when he bought part of the farm. His wife, _____, is a ___ They have ___ children.